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The project Sun4all allows students from all over the world to work with real solar images and accomplish scientific results.
For more information look here.

Simple models of an electric motor

For more information look here.


Gnomon, or Sun Dial. Together with a webcam can help pupils to learn basics of navigation.
For more information look here.

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Open call for Maths and Science teachers to become ECB Teachers.

For applying, please fill in the form here.

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International Scientific Conference Computer Science'11- 1-3 of September 2011

Information Technology, E-learning and Web 2

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Information technology, e-learning and web 2.0 tools as a means of training and education and the new Internet platform for science education Scientix


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EC plans to invest more in education and research

Investing today for growth tomorrow

Brussels, 29 June 2011 - The European Union has a small budget, but with a big impact for Europe's citizens. The Commission's proposal for a multi-annual budget for 2014-2020 responds to today's concerns and tomorrow's needs. It focuses on priorityhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif funding at the EU level that provides http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftrue added value. For instance, a Connecting Europe Facility that funds cross-border projects in energy, transport and information technology to strengthen the backbone of our internal market; significantly more money for Research and Innovation to invest in our competitiveness; and more funds for Europe’s youth – these are just some of the new elements in the Commission proposal. At the same time, this innovative EU budget remains focused: The overall amount proposed for the next seven years is €1,025 billion in commitments (1.05% of the EU GNI) and €972.2 billion (1% of EU GNI) in payments.

More information here:

Call your astronaut!


European public science education organisations can apply to the European Space Agency to host exclusive 20-minute video calls with Europe's next astronaut, André Kuipers, on the International Space Station.

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CONFERENCE Information technologies in teaching and the education process 17 June 2011, PG po KTS, Pravets


Information technologies in teaching and the education process

17 June 2011, PG po KTS, Pravets

1. Anders Svensson
2. Per-Olov Rapp
3. Sonya Hoffmeister
4. Philip James Snedegar
5. John Jamieson
6. Associate professor Krasimir Spirov
7. Chief assistant Maya Ilieva
8. PhD Veselin Bozhkov

1. Welcome speech by Chief assistant engineer Trifon Trifonov
2. PhD Veselin Bozhkov’s report
3. “Information technologies and didactics” - Associate professor Krasimir Spirov
4. “Electronic media for distance education” - Chief assistant Maya Ilieva
5. “The Moodle system application in History teaching” – Senior teacher Zdravko Spasov
6. “Blackboard” – Hristo Mindevski
7. “ICT in education in Germany” - Sonya Hoffmeister

( Coffee break – 15 minutes)

8. “IT, electronic education and WEB 2.0 tools as means of education and the new Internet platform for scientific education “Scientix”” - Senior teacher Tsetsa Tsolova
9. Presentation of an online test: “Do you know the animals from the Red Book of Bulgaria?” – by Dimitar Krasimirov Dimitrov – a student who has won a scholarship from the project “1000 Scholarships” for the academic 2009/2010 year under the direction of Chief assistant doctor engineer Mariana Manoeva.
10. “WEB 2.0 tools in education” – Nikolay Genov and Bozhidar Lazarov.
11. “Graduation works of our students” – presentations.


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Reflection and Refraction

Материалът за отражение и пречупване е вече достъпен и на български език на:
Подробности за анимацията може да видите тук:http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Galilean relativity

Материалът за Галилеевата теория на относителността е достъпен вече и на български език на:
Подробности за анимацията вижте тук

вторник, 17 май 2011 г.

Презентация на Астропарти Байкал

conference „SIENTIX
Вижте за резултатите от проучването тук.
Моето обучение за блоговете варира между второ и трето място.

четвъртък, 14 април 2011 г.

Poster for Scientix"s Conference 6-8 of MAY 2011, Brussels


Report for SCIENTIX


PPT presentations


Report and presentations to the National physics Confrence 7-10 April, 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria


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Кандидатстването за безвъзмездни средства за пътуване за конференцията на Scientix

Днес стартира кандидатстването за безвъзмездни средства за пътуване и настаняване за конференцията на Scientix. Може да посетите следния сайт за регистрация, особено ако вече сте си закупили билет за полет и сте резервирали хотел:


За да се кандидатства за отпускане на безвъзмездна помощ, учителите ще трябва първо да са регистрирани за конференцията и в портала Scientix.

Един от критериите за избор, за получаване на субсидия за пътуване е участието в онлайн дискусия на Scientix форума:


Побързайте да се регистрирате и попълните документите за кандидатстване, тъй като крайнищт срок е петък, 18 март в 16:00!

вторник, 22 февруари 2011 г.

CERN partners up with Google for Science Fair

CERN partners up with Google, LEGO, National Geographic and Scientific American to create a new kind of online science competition that is more global, open and inclusive than ever before. Students aged 13 - 18 from around the world are invited to enter and compete for once-in-a-lifetime experiences, scholarships and real-life work opportunities.

The competition is open to students aged 13 to 18 from around the world working on their own or in a team of two or three. The submission deadline is 4 April 2011.

Further information:
and on Scientix's web page:

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