вторник, 27 декември 2016 г.


EDU-ARCTIC is an EU-funded project focused on using Arctic research as a vehicle to strengthen science education curricula across Europe. It aims to encourage students aged 13 to 20 to pursue further education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Students participating in the project will have a unique possibility to get to know what scientific careers are like and learn more about different research disciplines while learning how to apply the scientific methods and develop crucial problem-solving skills. WHY EDU-ARCTIC? EDU-ARCTIC offer: workshops for STEM teachers to be held in 3 European countries Polarpedia – online encyclopedia about the Arctic region, explaining polar phenomena and scientific terminology in several national languages Arctic competitions - a chance for students and their teachers to win a trip to an Arctic research station environmental monitoring More information here: http://edu-arctic.eu/ and here: http://edu-arctic.eu/images/promotional/Brochure_EDUArctic_final.pdf

неделя, 18 декември 2016 г.

Движение на планетите и планетни конфигурации

За да видите урока кликнете тук или посетете http://graasp.eu/ils/5856fc474df584dad5989770/?lang=bg

събота, 3 декември 2016 г.

The moon’s position relative to the planets Venus and Mars over the next several days.

Stem Aliance infographic

The STEM Alliance, as a platform for education and industry to collaborate, was really pleased to share with business, Ministries of Education, non-profit organisations representatives, teachers and EU leaders the results of the first year of activity of the initiative. Since its launch, 12 companies and organisations have joined the STEM Alliance and more than 10.000 students and hundreds of teachers, schools and companies from all over Europe have been active through a variety of activities that bring industry and education closer together. See more on the results in this infographic http://www.stemalliance.eu/documents/99712/104016/STEM_Alliance_ICT-in-STEM-Edu-Setting_the_Scene_Nov2016.pdf/4d276d53-b339-4955-a7fb-e162dfeaf5a8 or click here.