четвъртък, 26 април 2012 г.

How can you take action?

Step 1: Sign up for DeforestACTION.
Step 2: Learn more about the issues and politics of deforestation and palm oil.  What are the links between palm oil and deforestation? How does it impact climate change and the loss of animal habitat? What impact does it have on communities? Share what you learn with others around the world.
Step 3: Are you using products that contain palm oil? Look for products that may contain palm oil from around your house, your school or organization, and put everything you find on a table. Check the labels and split it into two groups: things that contain palm oil or products of its kernel and things without. Take a picture and upload it!
Step 4: Which companies are using palm oil products? Share your findings.
Step 5: Take Action!

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