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ISWA competition

ISWA Competition E-mail
The deadline to submit your participation to the ISWA competition
has been postponed to the 30 June 2012
the deadline to send the artworks to the 31 October 2012

Aim and regulation
The ISWA competition aims to stimulate curiosity and engagement in science of young people in Europe and in particular of European secondaryschool pupils. The idea is to show that scientific ideas and scientific researches originate from a creative and emotional process, as happens in artisticprocesses.
The ISWA competition is organised in the framework of the ISWA project, which also involves artists, generic public and schools in artistic events andartworks.
1. Who can compete?
Young people of 15–19 years old from all member countries of the European Union, countries associated to FP7, Russian Federation are eligible forparticipation in the competition.
The young participants can compete either individually or in groups. Groups can be composed also by school classes, which are encouraged to workunder the auspices of one or several teachers.
More information here 

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