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European Winners

European Winners and Runners-up of the 2011/2012 U4energy edition are: 
Category A: Best energy efficiency measures

¡Juntos ahorramos energía!   Let’s all together save energy!

Secondary School Aliste, Zamora (Spain)
Runner up

Nama Je Stalo! - We care!

Primary School Stjepana Radića, Brestovec Orehovički  (Croatia)
Category B: Best teaching actions on efficient energy use

L’Énergie c’est la Classe Energy is cool!

Secondary School  Louis Aragon, Givors (France)
Runner up

Pensare sostenibile–Little eco houses – Think sustainable–Little eco houses

Lower Secondary School Angelo Brofferio, Asti (Italy)
Category C: Best school campaign on energy efficiency

Secondary School Munderfing, Munderfing (Austria)
Runner up

¡Actua! Es tu responsabilidad – Act! It’s your responsibility !

Secondary School Isidra de Guzman, Alcalá de Henares (Spain)
Category D: Best practice beyond U4energy

Ecole Zero-Watt competition

Ecole St Jean-Baptiste, Huppaye (Belgium)

Secondary School of Economics Georgi S. Rakovski, Varna (Bulgaria)

Primary School Fraternities Czechs and Slovaks, Bystřice (Czech Republic)

Presentation Secondary School, Thurles (Ireland)
Special Award for continuous effort

Since its launch in 2010, the U4energy school competition has sparked much enthusiasm with over 600 schools from 30 European countries submitting over 1,000 success stories.
For other schools in Europe to follow suit and learn from the best, Ms Silvia-Adriana ŢICĂU MEP  presented at the Award Ceremony this Monday an inspiring book featuring best practice from all European U4energy winners. This book will also be available in e-book format in 25 languages.
U4energy Patron:
Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy, European Commission

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