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GLOBAL excursion

GLOBAL excursion (Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure Online) is a support action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme -FP7 and attributed to DG Connect – Excellence in Science – Digital Science.
GLOBAL excursion is a new way to science education. In this project we will introduce e-Infrastructures to educators and their pupils between 14-18 years of age (upper stage school). The driving themes currently are Nano- and bio-technologies, as well as volunteer computing and life sciences with an interdisciplinary focus especially including ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA).
The aims of GLOBAL excursion are basically twofold: on the one hand we envision to enrich science teaching in European schools and on the other hand we offer researchers and their institutions a promotion channel towards a school audience.  Via a central web portal, called the Virtual Science Hub – “ViSH” we will provide scientists, teachers and their pupils as well as policy makers a package of activities, materials, and tools for enabling the integration of e-Infrastructures into school curricula.
The ViSH is the main access point. It contains a selection of e-Infrastructures, a social network where scientists and teachers will be able to exchange and establish collaborations, and a virtual excursion room, where pupils will be able to experience real e-science applications in areas of high relevance for the future, such as Nano- and bio-technologies, volunteer computing, and life sciences.
The main purpose of the ViSH is to enable students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures in order to improve science curricula by enriching school’s existing teaching and learning materials. By connecting e-Infrastructures, resources and tools with schools, pupils can experience challenging and authentic learning scenarios. Thus, students gain insights in scientific real work and relive interest in natural science education.
During its first year the project has been concentrating on developing and implementing a first version of the ViSH in a truly participatory way. Teachers, as one of the main user groups, have been involved from the very beginning to co-design together with scientists and developers a service that meets their specific pedagogical requirements, that adapts to their personal teaching styles and that fits their specific teaching curricula.
 This is my excursion: "Explorations of solar activity and sunspots"

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